Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The First Half of April...

I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost a month.  Where has the time gone?  It is May for crying out loud.  Only six more weeks (maybe) until we meet Michael Lincoln!!  Lots to jot down here... so bare with me.

Let's just say April turned out to be a month of ups, downs and unexpected loopty loops.  Not the fun loopty loops you throw your hands up in the air for.  The ones where you are screaming at the top of your lungs and holding on for dear life because you feel like you are going to be thrown from your seat.  And, then after the loopty loop you say, "Oh, that wasn't so bad!"

First thing in April... our Rockets captured second place at the Des Moines Regional Tournament.  Nine crazy girls just doing what they do best, being crazy and kicking ass.  We went undefeated day 1, beat the Rockets Silver team to make it to the championship match and ended up losing to a pretty good team... that we should have beat.  But, what a great experience for them and for Dennis and I.  Coaching this team really opened up some doors for us and we met the most amazing people all because we just love volleyball.  Again, our parents were PHENOMENAL and made our lives so much easier.  It just made me think back to playing, don't know how my mom kept track of five of us... but she did.  So,  CONGRATS ROCKETS on a most successful season.

The weekend after regionals Den and I headed back to Chicago for some birthday/Easter/family time.  We got in at a decent hour on Friday... noon, which never happens.  I of course was under the weather... AGAIN (that's another blog)!  Den, Nate and Jane spent some time around the bar on Friday.  Then Den and I jumped in the car and hopped the border to Indiana where my Grandmother blanketed us with food and great conversation.  We had the chance to see Pam, Duke and my Gramps who has a funny sense of humor all of a sudden.  On that note, quick story which may only be silly to me.  My grandfather, who I've known to be the man who you can joke with but you're always skeptical as to if you two were on the same page or not, decided to completely surprise me with his new crazy funny sense of humor.  First of all, after our fabulous lunch he simply stood up walked over to me and poked me in the stomach as though I were the Pillsbury Dough Boy and kept walking by.  He's response after the look of shock on my face... "What?  I just wanted to see if it was hard or not!"  And then he giggled like a school girl.  After birthday cake for Den my Grandma wanted to shoot some pictures of "my basketball", of which my Grandfather hopped in on, we compared the size of our bellies.  He's is still larger.  He took me by surprise I tell you.  He can be kind of funny, instead of hella serious all the time.  Gramps, you're not so scary after all :)

Saturday evening...  Den's 27th Birthday Bash!  I tried to orchestrate this party, but my body just wouldn't let me do it.  Jane did an amazing job putting together a shindig that put the biggest smile on Den's face.  Friends and family friends came from all over just to hang out in the Breier Bar and enjoy each others company.  I on the other hand snuck off to bed for a quick nap at 10:00 and didn't wake up again until Dennis was being put to bed.  It was wonderful seeing everyone, even if it was just for a quick minute because I couldn't keep my eyes open.  

Easter Sunday was spent at church completing our FOCUS survey for Father Ed and at Dennis' Aunt Gayle and Uncle Chris' house, where they prepared the most amazing food and showed us a wonderful time (THANK YOU, CHRIS AND GAYLE).  Our FOCUS survey... long?  Yes!  But, those 168 questions really get your wheels turning and ask some questions you may not have thought to discus with your partner.  Den and I chatted about it the entire way to the Pirics' house and maybe asked each other some questions we wouldn't have had it not been for that survey.

Den and I spent Monday morning checking out more hotels for the wedding before heading back to Iowa.  I think we've finally found one that will work for everyone!

What a wonderful weekend it was!  Dear Easter Bunny, Dennis and I would like to thank you for your generous basket giving this year.  You are one silly rabbit!!

And, that my friends was the first half of April.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dear Mother Nature...

So much to jot down, I don't know where to begin.  I'll have to set aside some time this afternoon to get it in.  But, first...