Saturday, February 27, 2010

Standing Tall.

For about a week now I've tried to capture Michael's newest development... STANDING IN HIS CRIB.  I walked in to check on him after a nap last weekend and there he was, STANDING!  I couldn't believe it.  Now I've tried sneaking the video camera in to capture the moment on film, which did not happen because when I take the video camera in he either sits down right away or is sitting already.  We're now trying to learn how to sit from a standing position and how to lay down from a sitting position.  It's been an eventful week here in our household.  I love that he now greets me in the morning or after naps STANDING with a smile on his face :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Life's Lessons (Starting Early).

My first shaving experience with the old man...


My Daddy is now a Lion!  Way to go, Dad!!  He was excited about his new article of clothing when he got home from his Induction Ceremony last night.  Can you tell??

We shall now refer to him only as Mufasa, and me... SIMBA!!  Roooaaaaarrrrrrrr.

Week Thirty-Seven!!

I'm 37 weeks old!!

Snapshots of the Week (37)

My new hat.

Do you like??

How about now??

There they are.  Lionel McFarland and Henry VIII.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crawling 101: Presented by Michael L. Breier

Pretend to be playing with toy as to not draw attention to yourself so you can crawl on your time.

Toss toy aside when you have determined the appropriate time to attempt new maneuver.

Get everyone's attention to prove that you are the coolest kid on the block.

Assume first position: The Bullfrog

Sheer determination is the key.

Gain balance on all fours.

Propel yourself forward toward something off limits.

Check to make sure the audience was paying attention.  Answer any questions they may have.

My Snow Angels!!

It was a Monday and we awoke to many more inches of the cold stuff as though Mother Nature hadn't dumped enough of her nonsense on us this winter. Michael has yet to be in the snow because all of our previous blankets also came with extremely cold temperatures. So, we bundled him up and hit a bunch of firsts for Mikey. His first sledding trip (to the hill his Daddy used to sled down when he was a tot), his first snowman (appropriately name John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, and his first attempt at a snow angel (all on his own). A good day it was!! He was a little confused as to why the white stuff was so chilly. I'm sure he'll catch on by the time next year rolls around. Arizona... T-minus 8 days.

Thank you, Mother Nature.

"Mom, let's get out there!"

Daddy showing us the best spot.

And, then showing us how it's done.


Ready... Set... Go!!

Best buddies.

Daddy reverting back to his childhood.

"He's nuts."

"Let's do it again!"


Snowball fight!

Check out John.

Both in deep thought.

"Mom, let's make snow angels!"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy, Happy 25th Birthday, Auntie DL and Uncle Nate!!

Auntie Danielle and Uncle Nate's 25th birthday is on Saturday and Michael wanted to give them each a special birthday photo in his semi birthday suit.  It really is quite the process to get the perfect picture.  Well, you'll see...

"You want me to do what with this?"

"How about you hold it and I clap?"

"How's this?"

"I have to do another one?"

"I can't believe she is making me do this."

"That's it, I'm outta here."

"Ok, ok.  Make it fast!"

Happy, Happy Birthday 
Auntie DL and Uncle Nate!  
We love you!!
Mommy, Daddy and 
Michael Lincoln

Finally, a Nice Day!!

It was so warm outside today we had to bundle Mikey up and get him reacquainted with Mother Nature!  He just loves his red car wagon, so we went for a stroll and then Daddy decided to play "Oh No, Where Did Daddy Go?" with our boy.  Cute it was.  We were also celebrating our countdown to Arizona.  14 days and counting...

"Dad, doesn't this thing go any faster??"

"Look, no hands."

"Ok, Dad, what are we doing?"

"Just trust me, Michael."

"Dad, where'd you go?"


"Where did he go?"

"Phew, there he is!"

"Let's do that again!"

And, again they did.  Eleven times.