Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Snow Angels!!

It was a Monday and we awoke to many more inches of the cold stuff as though Mother Nature hadn't dumped enough of her nonsense on us this winter. Michael has yet to be in the snow because all of our previous blankets also came with extremely cold temperatures. So, we bundled him up and hit a bunch of firsts for Mikey. His first sledding trip (to the hill his Daddy used to sled down when he was a tot), his first snowman (appropriately name John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, and his first attempt at a snow angel (all on his own). A good day it was!! He was a little confused as to why the white stuff was so chilly. I'm sure he'll catch on by the time next year rolls around. Arizona... T-minus 8 days.

Thank you, Mother Nature.

"Mom, let's get out there!"

Daddy showing us the best spot.

And, then showing us how it's done.


Ready... Set... Go!!

Best buddies.

Daddy reverting back to his childhood.

"He's nuts."

"Let's do it again!"


Snowball fight!

Check out John.

Both in deep thought.

"Mom, let's make snow angels!"

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