Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring Fever.

I have a disease.  A sick one.  One that has no cure.  I hate winter.  Absolutely like little about it.  And for that reason I find myself often in the kitchen on days like today.  Can't go anywhere because there are inches upon inches of snow accumulating outdoors and it's FREEZING cold.  So cold that I can't even bundle my little boy up to play in the powder, which may be the only joy I could get out of this awful natural occurrence.  Today I attempted a new recipe shared with me by my kid sister, Abby.  I shall call this recipe "Double the Chocolate, Double the Fun".   Two wonderful chocolate brownie-like cookies sandwiching a bed of peanut butter delightfulness!  My other disease, I don't eat such things.  I guess that leaves more for everyone else.  Thanks for sharing, Abby!  Everyone in this house thanks you as well.  I think they are all anxiously awaiting Spring so I stop it with this madness.

"Double the Chocolate, Double the Fun"

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