Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm 8 Months Old!! (Exclusively from MLB)

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Here it is... February already and I'm four months away from being one year-old.  Mommy says time is flying, I'll take her word for it.  All I know is that every day something new happens.  I discover something I couldn't do the day before.  Allow me to catch you up...

  • When sitting or in the belly on the floor position I can scoot to just about anywhere I want to go. 
  • I can roll and roll and roll for days.  Mommy no longer can put me in one place and expect to find me there when she peeks in on me. 
  • I am back to sleeping through the night.  I know it was a rough couple of months after we moved to Gramma and Boompa's for Mommy and Daddy, but I am trying to allow them to catch up on their sleep now that I'm expecting a little brother or sister.
  • I'M GONNA BE A BIG BROTHER!  I will be 15 months old when this little one is due and I can't wait to boss play with him/her.
  • I have begun eating all kinds of fun things, in super tiny pieces of course.  I love noodles and bananas and all kinds of fruit really.  I also enjoy drinking out of Mommy's glass in the morning during breakfast.  I'm such a big kid!
  • I have TWO teeth now on the bottom and you can see one starting to show up on top.  Of course you are all familiar with my first tooth, Lionel McFarland.  My second tooth goes by Henry VIII.  I leave little teeth marks in things I bite now, including Mommy and Daddy's fingers when I need some gum comfort.
  • I'm huge!  I really fit into 24 month clothing very nicely these days.  I'm not a chunk, just super tall and thin.  Ok, ok, I've got a little meat on my thighs but that's about it.
  • When I get up in the morning or from my naps the first thing I do is smile.
  • Still not crawling, however I am SOOOOO close.  I can sit up on all fours and rock back and forth but quite frankly it's a lot of work.  I can rock to my belly from the sitting position, too!
  • I can clap my hands and my feet when you tell me to.  
  • I love to dance!  Any time Mommy or Daddy play me a song I bop my head and move my hips!  Single Ladies (by the super cute Beyonce) is my favorite.  Gets me movin' every time!!
  • I am covered in tickle spots.  My knees, my butt and my thighs are big ones.  I go nuts every time someone touches them.
  • I growl and yell and do just about anything to get someone's attention these days.  Once I have your attention it's hard not to charm the heck out of ya!  Ladies in the grocery store, everyone at church.  Don't know what it is.
  • I still love my red car, my karaoke machine, and red piano these days.  I've added a few favorites.  GodMom Keri got me this really cool lion and ball thing I can't get enough of.  I put the balls in holes and the lion roars at me.  Gets me every time!  Oh, and the rings and the cone!  Ah, so much fun.
  • I can catch a baseball and throw (by throw I mean kick my legs until it leaves my lap and conveniently finds my playmate) it back to you!  Just getting ready for Spring Training!
  • If you hand me two balls I will use both of my hands, one ball in each hand.  If you go to hand me a third I always drop the ball in my left hand to grab the new one.  Does that mean I'm a lefty??
  • I have a big boy car seat now.  I was much too large to be trying to squeeze into my Perego seat.  So, Mommy and Daddy bought me a Graco 65 and it's wonderful.  The only thing is now when I go to stores and such I have to sit up in the cart, which makes it difficult to rest my eyes comfortably.
  • I can mimic noises and sounds that I hear.  Clicking my tongue on the roof of my mouth is my newest find.
  • I can basically feed myself small pieces of food.  My pointer and my thumb really do all the work.
  • Still love my pacifier.
  • I go to sleep all by myself without crying at all every night at 7:00.  All I need is a little classical music and my turtle star lamp and I'm set.
  • My giggle is funny.  I sound like a little man sometimes.  
  • Still take three naps during the day but I'm finding that some times I only need two, which makes me really tired at bed time.
  • That baby in the mirror is still hanging around.  I'm starting to think it's me, but I'm still trying to figure that out.  I do give him kisses every morning and when I wake up from my naps.
  • I LOVE Peek-a-Boo!  If you put a blanket over my face I will tear it off and be surprised to see you.  If you put a blanket on your face I will pull that off, too, just to make sure you are still under there.  Never gets old.
  • I know the difference between Mommy and Daddy now, and now when someone I don't know is holding me I'm not exactly excited.
  • I have been mumbling a bit lately.  Hi, MaMa and oh and some of them.  I don't know what they mean which of course means I'm not using them right but I think I'll get  the hang of this talking stuff.
  • I can wave bye-bye.  Of course, it is only to a select group of people and Boompa is clearly in this group.
  • We just recently went back to Iowa for a visit.  It was so nice to see some of my old buddies, especially God Mom Keri, Auntie DL, the Andersons and everyone in Cordova.  What a fun weekend that was and I did so great in the car.
  • I hug my stuffed animals now and snuggle with them.  I got this really cool big blue whale from Nana that I love.  His name is Big Blue Whale.
  • Every time I see Gramma I yell.  She yells back.  We're the only two that know exactly what we're doing.
  • I can't wait for our trip to Arizona in two weeks.  I get to take my first plane ride and go in the pool for the first time.  Mommy says it will be like Gramma and Boompa's bathtub but bigger.  I can't wait!!
  • I've been to Chicago a few times now.  I love looking up at the big buildings, but I do now like the way the wind feels on my large and in charge cheeks.  Burrrrrr... it sure is cold there.
  • I love my family so very much.  They are so goofy and them make me laugh all the time.  I'm so lucky!
If I can think of anything else I'll let you know!  As for me, you'll be hearing from me again in a month.  How time flies when you're having so much fun!!



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