Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week Thirty-Three!!

I'm 33 weeks old!

Snapshots of the Week (33)

Snapshots of the Week (32)

Catching some Zzzz's.

Nope, Mom.  Lionel McFarland (his first tooth) does not want to be photographed.

Born to be wild.

I make this look good.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

In the Deep.

Ugh, Mother Nature.  She sure has been brutal to us lately hasn't she?  We've had a straight week of no sun.  None.  So, we decided to get out of the house and make our way to the Shedd Aquarium.  Let's just say that it wasn't exactly what we expected it to be, but I think Mikey really enjoyed a few aspects of it.  The dolphins.  The 4-D glasses.  The pickle at lunch.  I'm sure that he'll enjoy the experience a little bit more when he has a clue what's going on.  Here are a few snapshots from our little trip.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy.

Mom, did you see how big that fish is?

Look, here it comes again!

Dad, this is quite an interesting place.  Don't ya think?!

I'm ready for the 4-D experience!

Mommy and I waiting for lunch in the cafe.

Waiting for the FantaSea show to begin.

Week Thirty-Two!!

I'm 32 weeks old!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Snapshots of the Week (31)

Getting ready for spring training.

"Whooaaa, we're going to Arizona!!"

"I have got to get a tan."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week Thirty-One!!

I'm 31 weeks old!!

I'm 7 Months Old (Exclusively from MLB)!!

Hello there again fellow Baby Breier fans,

Seven months have flown by haven't they?!  Every day comes with a new surprise.  Lots of firsts for me in the last four weeks or so.  Let's get to the list...

  • I just got over by first bug, or shall I say BUGS!!  Right after my six month check-up I came down with a stomach bug (or it was just my teeth making their way into my tiny oral cavity) and was pooping all the time.  Not normal poops either.  Then I got a really bad coughy thingymabob and a super runny nose.  I felt miserable for a couple of days!  But, now I'm all better. 
  • I'm not even close to crawling.  Not interested whatsoever.
  • I do sit up nicely, though.  I can do it for hours without falling over.  That's  a new development I must say.
  • I have a tooth!  He is located on the bottom left.  Mommy and Daddy call him Sir Lionel MacWeather.  
  • I love Cheerios and other cereals that dissolve quickly in my mouth.  Gotta practice this chewing thing.  
  • Bubble baths are my fave.  I spend a half an hour just splish-splashing!  Lots of cool things to do in there.
  • I'm perfectly healthy!  My new pediatrician is super nice and cool.  I think I'll keep him around for a bit.
  • I wish it would warm up.  Mommy and Daddy bought me a saucer so we can go sledding and play in the snow.  Any day now!
  • I like animal noises.
  • I can clap, clap, clap my hands.
  • I met this really cool guy that looks a lot like me a while ago.  I see him in a couple spots of the house.  Funny thing, he makes every same move I do.  I smile.  He smiles.  I wave my arms.  He waves his arms.  Weirdest thing.
  • I love fresh fruit, especially oranges and bananas!  I got this little meshy thing Mommy puts them in and I can chew on them.  Oh, and ice.  Yummy in my tummy.
  • My new favorite toy is a baseball bat.  Daddy said I'm like Bam Bam.  Not quite sure who that is but ok.
  • I like to play Monkey See, Monkey Do!  If you do something, I try really hard to do it back.  Like with Gramma.  We play this noise game.  She squawks at me.  I squawk at her.  I'm pretty good.
  • I'm huge as you may have already read.  I'm still in a size 4 diaper, but in 12-18 month and even some 24 month clothing.  
  • Still love getting in the car and exploring with Mommy and Daddy.
  • Speaking of Mommy and Daddy, they are busy trying to find us a new house to live in.  I'm super excited.  This big guy needs his own space!
I think that's all I got for the moment.  Let you know if anything changes!

Catch you in your Pampers later!



Week Thirty!!

I'm 30 weeks old!!

Snapshots of the Week (30)

How to Eat a Cheerio!

Demonstrated by Michael Lincoln Breier

1.  Open mouth as to welcome the Cheerio.

2.  Act disinterested in Cheerio's flavor.

3.  Try to accept Cheerio once more.

4.  Chew and swallow Cheerio.

5.  Beg for more Cheerios!

 6.  Work off any calories directly related to Cheerio experience.

2009... What a Year!! 2010 is Here!!

I must say 2009... WHAT A YEAR!!

Now that 2010 is here it leaves me reminiscing about all that took place over the last 365 days.  Where to begin?

2009 began with me moving in with Dennis after finding out we were expecting Mikey and becoming engaged.  Followed by moving again two short months later and having Nate move in with us.  Then in May we had a whirlwind couple of weeks with a baby shower, Nate moving out and Mikey coming into the world.  Let's see, what after that?  Oh, courthouse wedding, baptism, Dennis accepting a new position with ING, church wedding and reception and of course moving to the Chicagoland area.  What a year!  I wouldn't have changed any of the stress, sore muscles or sleepless nights.  

What 2010 has to bring is uncertain, but I can tell you one thing... it sure as hell has some competition!

Snapshots of the Week (29)

Mikey's new favorite past time...


Week Twenty-Nine!!

I'm 29 weeks old!!

The Size of a One Year-Old.

We had Michael's 6 month Well Baby visit today with our new pediatrician, Dr. Matray.  Now, just a little background info on Dr. Matray... he was also Dennis' pediatrician.  That's it for the background information.  

Before I rant about how wonderful Dr. M-Tizzle is I would just like to say how incredibly happy we were with all of our physicians at The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, especially Dr. James.  I loved the convenience of everything you needed was there.  My favorite one stop shop if you will.  We are so grateful for the care they provided Mikey and myself over the course of my pregnancy and the four months we were still living in Iowa.

Now, with that being said, I LOVE DR. MATRAY and his office.  I must admit that there is something wonderful about walking into a room and telling the nurse your concerns and then BOOM... you see your doctor.  As anyone who has ever visited the University knows, that is not the case at IOWA.  You are speaking to nurses, then med students, then residents and maybe if you're lucky a staff Dr.  The other wonderful thing about Dr. M is that he is so incredibly gentle with Michael, to the point that Michael just sits and stares at him while Dr. M is going through the examination.  And, lastly Dr. M is brutally honest.  For example, one of the first things he said to us while taking his first peek at Mikey was, "Wow, he's the size of a one year-old.  I'm serious."  

So, to get you caught up with Mikey's progress he is now 28.75" inches long, weighing in at 21 pounds 12 ounces and in the 97th percentile among children his age.  You would think he's an incredibly chunky child, but that just isn't the case.  He's just stacked.  Inch after inch of a lean, mean six month-old machine!  We see Dr. Matray again in March.  Looking forward to these vaccinations being over and done with, let me tell  ya!

Monday, January 4, 2010

*Excuse this Interruption for a Brief Announcement...

So, Blogger has decided to finally update it's software.  Now, what this means for me and this handy dandy little blog of mine is that I can no longer blog as I used to, which was to draft a blog so that the time stamp was accurate for when I wanted it to post and then edit the posting later when I actually had time to fill in the details.  So, if you are wondering why it is that there are now eighteen hundred posts for today, there my friend is the answer.  I guess this might just make me a better blogger.

Bearing Down and Freezing Our Behinds Off.

This may be hard to believe but my wonderful husband has never, ever been to a Bears game at Soldier Field.  I know, I know.  How is that possible you may ask.  I have no idea.  Thanks to my Uncle Bob and his very generous wedding gift we were able to witness what may have been the best game the Bears have played all year, in zero degree weather.  Although the hot chocolate was never hot enough and the beers were freezing we had one helluva time watching the Bears hand it to the Vikings and Mr. Brett Favre.  An awesome night.  Now if only the feeling in my toes could come back that would be wonderful.

Den's first time.

Soldier Field

Trying to stay warm pre-game.

And, here come the .500 Bears.

Fan deck.




Now That's Incredibly Ugly.

There's nothing quite like putting on your uglies Christmas attire and celebrating the season with a night full of friends, bowling and adult beverages.  That is just what we did on the 26th.  The 2nd Annual Drunken Ugly Christmas Sweater Bowling Extravaganza took place and once again was a success.  Dennis and I may have over done it this year with the outfits, but, hey, all in the spirit of the season, right?  When you get this group together you never know what's gonna happen!  Dennis and Mike shared the prize of "Ugliest Christmas Attire".  The trophy, my favorite detial of the night, is now sitting on the mantle in Mike and Jane's house.  Next year's outfit has already been born in my brain.  Thanks to all for coming out and making the Extravaganza extra special :)

The Breiers and Koenemans

Pre bowling.


The traveling trophy.

Some of the ladies.

Some of the men.

Den staring a ball down.

The winners.