Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Size of a One Year-Old.

We had Michael's 6 month Well Baby visit today with our new pediatrician, Dr. Matray.  Now, just a little background info on Dr. Matray... he was also Dennis' pediatrician.  That's it for the background information.  

Before I rant about how wonderful Dr. M-Tizzle is I would just like to say how incredibly happy we were with all of our physicians at The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, especially Dr. James.  I loved the convenience of everything you needed was there.  My favorite one stop shop if you will.  We are so grateful for the care they provided Mikey and myself over the course of my pregnancy and the four months we were still living in Iowa.

Now, with that being said, I LOVE DR. MATRAY and his office.  I must admit that there is something wonderful about walking into a room and telling the nurse your concerns and then BOOM... you see your doctor.  As anyone who has ever visited the University knows, that is not the case at IOWA.  You are speaking to nurses, then med students, then residents and maybe if you're lucky a staff Dr.  The other wonderful thing about Dr. M is that he is so incredibly gentle with Michael, to the point that Michael just sits and stares at him while Dr. M is going through the examination.  And, lastly Dr. M is brutally honest.  For example, one of the first things he said to us while taking his first peek at Mikey was, "Wow, he's the size of a one year-old.  I'm serious."  

So, to get you caught up with Mikey's progress he is now 28.75" inches long, weighing in at 21 pounds 12 ounces and in the 97th percentile among children his age.  You would think he's an incredibly chunky child, but that just isn't the case.  He's just stacked.  Inch after inch of a lean, mean six month-old machine!  We see Dr. Matray again in March.  Looking forward to these vaccinations being over and done with, let me tell  ya!

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