Monday, January 4, 2010

Michael Lincoln's First Christmas!!

What an amazing time of year, especially when you have a smiley six month-old!  This holiday season was jam packed with traveling, delicious food and gifts galore for Mikey.  Let's just say that it's going to take me about a week just to designate what's staying out now and what's going into storage for play time at a later date.  Briefly, a list of our Christmas itinerary...

Christmas Eve- Travel to Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tom's in Schererville where we celebrated with my family including my Nana and Papa.  This was special because this also happened to be the first time they have met Michael.  Unfortunately, Mikey slept through gift opening and missed all the wonderful toys he received.  Don't worry, he soon discovered what was his!  We loaded the Versa to the top with gifts and hopped in the car to head to Naperville where we celebrated at Chris and Jane's with the Breier Bunch!  More food, laughs, even more gift opening and Shut the Box.  When finished there we headed back home to do a little late night Breier present tradition... pajamas from Santa!!

Christmas Day was just as crazy as Christmas Eve.  I was so eager to see Mikey open his presents from Santa.  He did a great job unwrapping them and actually playing with the gifts he received instead of the wrapping paper!  His big gift from Santa was an upright piano so he can play just like Daddy!  He loves it and it made my day when he sat and played it for 25 minutes non-stop.  Other gifts that must be mentioned are Daddy's new briefcase from Mikey and Mommy's new KitchenAid mixer from Mikey.  Man, that kid sure does know how to pick 'em!  After picking up and stacking a kabillion toys we were back off to Schererville to partake in brunch at Uncle Walt and Auntie Debbie Kane's with the rest of the Wojcik family.  A good time had by all!  We managed to get home for some quiet time with our boy while he enjoyed all of his toys and Mommy and Daddy enjoyed some much needed relaxing. 

Then Sunday we spent the afternoon celebrating the holiday over brunch with the Pirics side of the family.  Again, lots of toys for Mikey and Snuggies for Mommy and Daddy (one Sox, one Cubbies)!

Just a few pics to sum up our ridiculously amazing week...

At the Swope residence.

Mikey's first present from Santa Claus!!


Our first Christmas as three.

One of Mikey's favorite things (thanks Great-Nan and Great-Pops)!


Thank you to everyone who so gererously shared a gift with our family!  It really isn't until we had Michael that I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas for what it is to be celebrated for.  And, thank you Santa!!

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