Monday, May 31, 2010

Backyard BBQ.

Sunday (the most beautiful day ever) Dennis, Michael and I opened the summer with a few hours at the Darien Swim and Racquet Club before heading over to Chris and Gail's for a backyard BBQ to wrap up the birthday celebration for GGD.  The weather was stunning, the food was marvelous and the candles were burning.  It was the perfect way to celebrate Great-Grandpa Dick's 80 years!!  Thanks to Chris and Gail for hosting everyone.


Cooling off with a beverage.



G.G.D opening his "80 wishes"!

Thanking G.G.D. for his new baseball bat and bear.

The grandkids scratching G.G.D.'s 80 wishes.  No winners!

Cake?  What cake?

Look at that smile!

A plethora of Pirics'.

Jane gettin' a squeeze from her dad!

Off To the Races.

We spent Saturday of Grandpa Dick's 80th Birthday Extravaganza at the race track.  Michael loved the horses, but hated the heat.  We weren't there very long to say the least, and Dennis didn't win a bet.

It was a beautiful day!

Den was betting...

Michael was hot...

And nobody won.

Great-Grandpa Dick and Great-Grandma Joan

Saturday, May 29, 2010

80 Years Young!!

My Great-Grandpa Dick turns 80 tomorrow!!  He came all the way from California to hang out with us and I'm super excited to see him (and Great-Gramma Joan) today.  Off to the race track we go.  Pictures from the weekend soon.

Happy 80th Birthday, G.G.D.!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week Fifty!!

I'm 50 weeks old!!

Just two more weeks until I'm ONE!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snapshots of the Week (50)

A few more shots from Michael's newest Gymboree class.  
He is so close to walking.  SO CLOSE!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't Judge Us.

This might be a little, oh, how do I say it... CLASSLESS!!  But, we don't care.

Baby pool appropriately placed on the driveway... CHECK.

Cocktails for those who can enjoy them... CHECK.

Three gallons of sunscreen for Mikey... CHECK.

Oil for Mommy... CHECK!

What a beautiful (HOT) day.  We spent (almost) all of it outside.  We can even thank Gramma for bringing the TV out so we could watch the Blackhawks sweep the Sharks for their spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!  WooT!  A great Sunday.

Testing the water.

Excited to be in.

Questioning his excitement.

Content with his decision.

Maybe not.

Look at those paws.
(Don't worry, I had dunked him in sunscreen.)

Wading through the deep end.

Ooh, a boat.

The gallery.

Here boaty, boaty, boaty.


There are bubbles in the air, in the air...

Ok, I'm done.

Sunscreen faux-hawk.

Dad, what are these?

I don't mind if I do.