Monday, May 31, 2010

Backyard BBQ.

Sunday (the most beautiful day ever) Dennis, Michael and I opened the summer with a few hours at the Darien Swim and Racquet Club before heading over to Chris and Gail's for a backyard BBQ to wrap up the birthday celebration for GGD.  The weather was stunning, the food was marvelous and the candles were burning.  It was the perfect way to celebrate Great-Grandpa Dick's 80 years!!  Thanks to Chris and Gail for hosting everyone.


Cooling off with a beverage.



G.G.D opening his "80 wishes"!

Thanking G.G.D. for his new baseball bat and bear.

The grandkids scratching G.G.D.'s 80 wishes.  No winners!

Cake?  What cake?

Look at that smile!

A plethora of Pirics'.

Jane gettin' a squeeze from her dad!

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