Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy MaMa's Day!!

I'm sitting here waiting for my baby boy to wake up.  That's right, he's asleep and I'm wide awake and have been for over an hour.  He was up a little past his bedtime last night from all the excitement surrounding a day with Daddy, Boompa and Uncle Nate.   I can't wait for him to get up so we can spend the day together.

Here I am on my first Mother's Day trying to count my blessings and finding it impossible.  I have a little guy who changes my world every day and a husband who appreciates all that I do and tells me so often.  This "job" is one that I never really imagined holding and never understood the impact it would have, but now that I'm here I think that I'll keep it for a while. :)

Thank you Mikey and Dennis (and Baby Will) for making me so happy!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the ladies who have had an influence on myself and my family!!  We love you.

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