Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Few More Details!

I know a few weeks ago I posted that we are expecting our second child, but didn't post many details.  So, I thought I would take a second to introduce you to Baby Breier #2.

First of all, YES, this was absolutely a planned pregnancy.  Dennis and I both would love to have a large family, and we figured why wait.  We have the energy now, we have the patience now.  Why not now?  Actually we really haven't taken any precautions since having Michael because we wanted this to happen when God thought we deserved this second blessing.  It all began a few days before Christmas.  I was incredibly nauseous and vomiting through the day, which is an obvious sign, right?  So, what is the next natural thing to do?  I took a pregnancy test the 23rd of December and it was negative.  Still feeling nauseous, but not sick, I abstained from normal Breier holiday craziness until my period was officially late.  Christmas day came and went which meant I was late.  What do you know, the 26th I took a test and it was positive.  Absolutely overcome with excitement I grabbed the "stick" and went running down the stairs to share the news with Dennis!

As I did with Michael I've had a few things happen that needed some medical attention.  So, at just week six I had an ultrasound and we saw that our little peanut is incredibly healthy.  Now here we are at week ten (week four of being just absolutely exhausted) and the nausea is still present, the belly is starting to harden up and Baby Breier #2 is due in just thirty weeks (or September 2nd!).  I can't eat anything that is warm, I'm basically living off of cold sandwiches and can't get enough fruit juice.  We have names picked out and we're on the planning bandwagon.  I'm so happy!

At a tiny 6 weeks!

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