Monday, November 17, 2008

Introducing Baby B!!

Here he/she is!  Baby B and I had our first appointment on November 3rd, it turned out to be the most amazing day of my life.  Because of my health issues my OBGYN wanted to get me in asap to have some standard testing done such as blood work and the first ultrasound.  Everything turned up peaches.  I will absolutely never forget seeing this little peanut jumping up and down and "waving" at me.  The site of his/her strong heart (176 bmp) and firing brain put my heart at ease.  The tech said that the baby is developmentally on schedule, if not a little ahead, for how far along I am (at the time 8 weeks).  He/she is coming in at just over an inch long and you can make out his/her tiny fingers and toes, eyes, nose, mouth arms and legs. Dennis and I are extremely lucky to have such a healthy little nugget.  Not to mention, the morning sickness is just now starting to subside.  The doctor made a couple of suggestions and lucky for me they worked.  Our next appointment is December 3rd and we'll get the rest of the tests out of the way.  As of today I am ten weeks along (on schedule with the NFL for all you football fans) and anxious to get into the second trimester.   

Take a peek at Baby B!!

First view of Baby B!

Profile view

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