Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Habits Start Early!

I think I posted recently that Michael has quite a number of teeth coming in on top of the six he already has, so we've gotten into the routine of brushing his teeth before bedtime.  He just LOVES to brush his own teeth.  Of course, when we first started this little ritual I was the one brushing in fear that he would take his toothbrush and jam it down his throat (insert cringe here).  But, that just wasn't how Michael wanted it done, so one night he yanked the toothbrush out of my hand and started going to town.  He doesn't hit every single one, but I am incredibly impressed with his ability to actually brush his teeth, not just suck the toothpaste off the brush like some kiddos I know.  Yay, another milestone conquered!!  Good job, Schnoogs!

I love bath time!!

Here we go...

Gotta get the ones in the back.

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