Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm One Month Old (Exclusively From WRB)!!

Hello world!!

William Reagan here.  I know you are used to hearing from my big brohan, Michael, but there's a "new kid on the blog".  Ha ha.  That was my first joke!!

Ok, what have I been up to you may ask.  Well, let me tell you...
  • Although I was born weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz. I now weigh a staggering 11 lb. 6 oz. and I'm 24 inches long as opposed to 21.5.  I'm in the 97th percentile in both categories.  I think it might have something to do with the fact that I love to eat.
  • Newborn clothing?  Pllleeaaassse.  Say hello to 3-6 month clothing.  Thanks to my big brother for letting me where some of his old stuff.  It fits like a glove.
  • I hate taking baths.  Really, I don't like them at all.
  • I have an elf ear from sleeping on the right side of my face.  I'm sure it will eventually look like the one on the left.
  • I love tummy time.  I'm already holding my head up really well.
  • I'm still up every three hours for feedings.  I think Mommy and Daddy would appreciate it if I went a little longer in between them.  I'm workin' on it.
  • I have dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes at the moment.  I've been guaranteed that both of those things will eventually change.
  • I poop every two hours.  Yep, I'm really good at it.
  • I can't sit still.  I have to be rocked, bounced, moved about in order for me to be comfortable.
  • I'm gassy.  There's no other way to put it.
  • I'm eating 4 oz. every three hours.
  • I have a very small hernia by my belly button.  D-Mats says it will go away on its own.
  • I'm very well behaved compared to my brother.  What's this word NO Mommy and Daddy keep tossing out in his direction?
  • I LOVE cuddling up next to my mom in the middle of the night.  Daddy snores and it's noisy.
  • I know I had kind of a rough start when I was born, but things are looking great.  My doc tells me that  I look good.  I feel good, too.
  • I have piano playing hands and the feet of a chimpanzee.
  • Not really a fan of the pacifier.
  • I love being on my play mat.  Just working on reaching my toys.
  • I'm very loved.  I can feel it.
That's all from me at the moment.  We'll catch up again next month.  I plan on sleeping through the night by then.  Keep your fingers crossed for Mommy's sake!

Snips and Snails,


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