Saturday, March 3, 2012

Current News and Events

Current News & Events

I’m crazy.  I like to refer to my craziness as “My Disease”.  This week I decided that we were going to sell all of our couches, “borrow” a leather loveseat and chair and a half from my in-laws to put in our family room and purchase new furniture for our sitting room.  Of course, after I sell our two couches, and I’m sitting in an empty room I decide that the room needs to be painted.  Ok, so I fill Dennis in on my plans, which he isn’t happy about because I don’t know when to stop.  Off to Home Depot I went to hunt for the perfect neutral.  Oh, and I just ordered swatches of fabric to test new drape options for our sitting room which wasn’t part of the original plan either.  Anyway, to make a long story short- I’m crazy.  My kids are taking the news changes a little hard and by hard I mean falling hard, because they are used to super soft microfiber couches not slippery leather, reclining furniture.  You’ll see what I mean in a sec.  We do love how the “new” furniture looks in the sitting room, more cozy and the kids love snuggling up on it.  But, I’m dealing with an overload of brown and it sends me into convulsions.  This is just the beginning of a long, long journey to the perfect adult living space (no more toys, no more toys) in our sitting room.

Michael loves curling up with a good book on the “new” chair and a half.

The boys prefer to sit next to each other on the love seat.  
And, by next to I mean they must be touching at all times.

Please be aware that what I'm about to show you is, well, terrible.  I warned you.  This is what William looked like after he attempted to balance on the reclining foot rest of the "new" furniture.  
He's lucky he still has an eye.

To make matters worse, Michael fell fives minutes after William doing the exact same thing and he, too, was awarded a black eye for his efforts.  His isn’t nearly as bad as William’s.  You can’t even see it when he smiles.  But, my boys do have matching black eyes at the moment.  

One just can’t do anything without the other these days.

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