Sunday, February 8, 2009

20 Week Check-up!

We had our 20 week check-up on January 28th and everything is still running smoothly.  For me, I'm coming in right where I need to be as far as weight and belly measurements are concerned (20 cm).  Our little guy, however, seems to be lengthening at a speed above average.  Dennis' first response, "Maybe he'll be like a 6'4" volleyball player!"  We'll just have to wait and see!  Heart rate = perfect (150's)!  Fetal activity = wonderful!  He's all over the place now.  Every once in a while I get one of those "Hey, Mom, I'm here!" shots to the ribs.  I enjoy every single one of them.  So, we've hit the half way there moment on this journey.  Now, if only I could be a little more patient.  We're just so excited to meet him!

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