Thursday, February 12, 2009

Straight From Facebook... My 25 Things!

For those of you who are not familiar with Facebook, the recent craze on the famous website is listing 25 things about yourself that others may not know about you.  I had a second, so I listed 25 things.  And here they are...

1. I cannot wait to meet our son. 
2. When I was 12/13, I wanted nothing more than to be a brain surgeon. I would sit and copy my dad's encyclopedias on the subject. Good thing I grew out of that.
3. My favorite love story of all time... "The Bridges of Madison County"! Oh, the agony. I have seen it a billion times, and still cry every damn time.
4. The best gift I ever received (other than my Michael on the way) was my brother.
5. I want to be 6'2", all because can you imagine what you could do with a volleyball from up there? 5'10" just isn't tall enough.
6. I love going to Target, buying new toiletries and coming home to put them away. I know, I know. 
7. My favorite street in all of Iowa City is Summit. All because of the porches on the old victorian houses.
8. I've busted my arm (Christmas Day, '89), my ankle, my neck (sumo wrestling my sister at Cordova Days), all of my fingers and my nose a couple of times. I've completely destroyed my ankle and had it reconstructed. Tore the hell out of my knee and had it fixed. Have had 26 kabillion surgeries on my mouth, and got four fake teeth out of it. Busted some toes (but who counts those?). The majority of them were sports injuries.
9. I'm addicted, ADDICTED to farmers' markets. The fresh produce gets me every time. I can't wait to get it home to cook.
10. My secret dream job... Martha Stewart. 
11. The summer of 2001 was ridiculous and maybe the best time of my life. Drunken monopoly every night of the week. You know if you were there or not. Oh, Keith.
12. I want to develop a line of cards for Hallmark.
13. I believe without a doubt that my kid sister, Abby, is the most amazing person on this planet. She's 16 and phenomenal.
14. Writing with a new Sharpie is fun to me! Oh, and it should be on a Post-it!! 
15. October is by far my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it especially the comfort food and Halloween is my favorite holiday.
16. I love that my parents taught me how to garden. I dream of the garden I will have one day.  Oh, and I'm the proud owner of many house plants and want nothing more than for each of them to thrive. 
17. My family will eat dinner together every night which we are able.  I did it growing up and believe I'm a better person because of it.
18. Dennis makes me want to be better every day. Better for our son. Better for him. Better for us. 
19. I send hand written notes/cards every single week to someone I love and will continue to do so until the end of my days.
20. PEOPLE is quite possibly the best periodical in the world.
21. I would grill out every single day if I could.
22. My favorite memory from growing up was playing ball with Ry, Casey, Ali and Kristen. There was something about having them around all the time that made me feel like wherever we were at that particular moment was right where I belonged.
23. I hate brushing my hair.
24. I have every single card/letter/note ever written/mailed/given to me. Every single one and Dennis gives me shit about it.
25. I'm slightly OCD. I like things done a very specific way and will work on it until I get it that way. For example, I've unfolded and refolded loads of laundry Dennis has folded just because "that's not what it's supposed to look like."

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