Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Hey, hey... Miss Kim..."

I recently had the privilege of becoming the lead preschool teacher at a local "kiddie campus" here in North Liberty and now spend eight glorious hours a day with 15 three year-olds.  Some days are crazy, but others put the biggest smile on my face.  Today was one of those days.  We spent our day preparing for our Valentine's Day festivities, which will take place tomorrow (we are hosting an ice cream social to celebrate the holiday).  I was taking pics of all my kids next to an "I Love You" sign to make special valentines for their parents, and one of my little ones turned to me and said the sweetest thing.  "Hey, hey, Miss Kim, can your baby be my valentine, too?"  They are all clearly aware that I have a baby in my belly, and make daily references to him.  Such as, "Hey, Miss Kim, does your baby like mashed potatoes?"  "Hey, Miss Kim, will the doctor cut your belly to get him out like they did my mommy's?"  I've had to explain to two or three tots that I plan on having my baby in a special way.  Needless to say I then have parents asking me what my birth plan is exactly that makes it special.  I simply explain to them that I didn't want to be the one to go into detail exactly how it is this little one will be coming into the world, that it was maybe best coming from them as a parent when that moment was right.  I think it's hysterical that they go home and chat about this stuff.  

Some of my rugrats!

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