Tuesday, March 10, 2009

24 Weeks Down...

(Again, a little overdue.  We're actually 26 weeks as of today)

We had our 24 week appointment, well, almost two weeks ago now.  All is well in Michael Lincoln land.  I've gained a grand total of 11 pounds, my belly is right where it needs to be (25 cm fundal height) and he's little heartbeat came in in the solid 160s.  PERFECT!!  No big aches and pains yet, except the little peanut seems to be a fan of the right side of my ribs.  They are so incredibly sore, it's hard to sit or stand for any extended period of time.  The next big step for us is choosing a pediatrician, which only means more research for mommy!!  The wonderful news about this is the University has an amazing staff of physicians.  I am pretty sure we could go with any one of them and they would take wonderful care of our son's health.   Now, if only I could get healthy.  In the last three weeks I've had a GI bug, the flu and two ear infections.  My body sure is doing a wonderful job protecting the peanut, but not fairing too well when it comes to me.  New belly pics coming soon... I can't believe this is my body! :)

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