Tuesday, June 16, 2009

His First Crosstown Classic!!

As any good Chicago fan would know, the Crosstown Classic kicks off today at Wrigley.  Mikey clearly is a little confused as to who he will be cheering for.  We had a little conversation this morning.  I may have told him it's his choice as to which way to lean, and that I truly did enjoy every minute of that 24 hours of labor.  He smiled as though to agree with me that the Cubs were his choice, but it also could have been gas :)

"Go Cubbies... I mean Go Sox... I mean Go Chicago!"

I think it's only fitting that today is his "real due date".  I can't imagine had we been forced to wait one more (or longer) week for our little guy.  He is without a doubt the greatest gift.  Dennis and I are so in love, so very much in love!  We are incredibly blessed.

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laura said...

He is soooo cute! But dosnt everyone know that the cards are the best team!!! I was just wondering where when we are doing the BBQ bc i miss everyone and you guys! And i want to see little MLB! Bye!