Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Saturday Morning Routine.

Now that Dennis has been spending most of his time at the car wash on the weekends Michael and I have fallen into a bit of a routine. Saturday mornings are our favorites. First the Farmers' Market and then a stroll downtown. Now that all the students are back it's a bit more crowded, but nevertheless still a wonderful time. I love the weather in Iowa City in the fall (an early fall, I know). The leaves are already changing colors on us. We picked up some heirloom tomatoes, listened to some kiddie music in the park and "split" an extra large chocolate chip cookie.
Heading off to the Farmers' Market.

Our favorite Saturday stop! The market.

On our way home we stopped by to see the progress on our soon to be church, St. Patrick's. It's being built just two blocks from our home. How convenient for us?? It may be the largest church I've ever seen. Wings and all sorts of things going on. It will be absolutely beautiful when finished. The original church was destroyed by the tornado that ripped through town the summer of 2006.

Our soon to be church! St. Pat's, originally destroyed by the tornado of '06!

Our Saturdays are now one of my favorite things. Who can blame me?? I have my boy, fresh produce and Iowa City in the fall.

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