Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You Can Call Me City Counselman Don Haskins.

As any new parents do, we have been trying to find the perfect nickname for Michael. Everyone seems to call him something different since he's the third Michael in the family. Here are mine and Dennis' top choices...

Kim: Mick and Squirt (like the little turtle from Finding Nemo)

Den: City Counselman Don Haskins (Dennis says because our son is a little overweight, he takes himself too seriously, and if he could buy his own suit it would be tweed)

Joint: Schnoogums Boogums! (Just because we can)

Of course, Mikey doesn't have an opinion yet. All I know is that when Dennis is having a conversation with him on whether or not Michael is going to sign off on Proposition 965 he smiles! Leave it to Dennis to come up with something absolutely ridiculous, and at the same time priceless!!

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