Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Three Months Old (Exclusively from MLB)!!

Hello again!!

How is it that I'm three months old already? Seems like I just got here yesterday (I think Mommy and Daddy would disagree with that statement). You wouldn't believe how I've changed in the last month. Here... let me tell you about it!

  • I sleep from 7:30p.m. to 7:30ish a.m. every night.
  • I'm pretty picky when it comes to how I sleep, though. I like to eat, be read to and then rock with Mommy for a little bit. When she lays me down she has to put the blanket by my face so I can feel how soft it is on my cheek. Sometimes I pull the blanket all the way onto my face because it feels so good. Oh, and my music has to be on. I'm not picky, just particular. Then I'm out like a light!
  • I eat oatmeal and cereal now. In fact, I love it. I prefer it over my bottle even. Breakfast and dinner are my favorite part of the day for that reason alone.
  • I giggle when things are funny. I smile when you smile at me. Daddy says I have personality. I think he has personality, too!
  • The car is still my favorite place to be. I can sleep all the way to Chicago without waking up once. I know, I'm awesome.
  • I have the coolest toys in the world. Rings and rattles and all kinds of things, and they all manage to make it into my mouth. My new favorite thing is my Jumperoo from Gramma and Boompa. There are all of these cool lights and sounds and animal thingamabobbers! A good time it is. Every time I move there's a cool new sound. I'm working on the jumping thing, but I've been told Daddy wasn't much of a jumper either.
  • I love faces. I give Mommy love taps on her cheeks. She likes it I think.
  • I'm really working on sitting up on my own. We spend lots of time on my tummy (which I don't like at all) and sitting in the high chair and working on what Mommy calls my core. I thought apples had cores so I'm a little confused. I'm not an apple am I?
  • I still don't have much hair. It's really, really blonde now. Everyone says I still look like Daddy which I think is great. People seem to like him. I think it's the bald head.
  • My cheeks get a lot of attention. Someone once told me it looks like I'm hiding walnuts in them. What are walnuts??
  • I have this sharp thing poking through in my mouth that hurts a little bit. I think Mommy called it a tooth but I don't know. What I do know is that I'm not a fan.
  • Bears' games are a good time. I get all dressed up to sit on the couch with Mommy and Daddy for three hours. Sometimes they are happy. Sometimes they are not.
  • I'm still wearing a size three diaper but I'm in 9-12 month clothing. I'm getting bigger every day. We go to the doctor again in October to see just how much bigger I am! I can't wait!!
  • I love to chat. Any time you wanna talk all you have to do is call :)
  • I'm a cuddle bug. Any time you want to do that too you know what to do.

I think that's it for right now! If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Time flies when you're having fun and I know how to have fun!!



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