Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago!!

We're moving!!

Since Dennis accepted his new position with ING Dennis and I have been doing a lot of chatting about our future and where it is we want to end up. Actually, since Dennis and I started dating we have always said we'd end up in Chicago. So, now we're heading to Chicago. The wonderful thing about Dennis' job is he can do it anywhere. Really, ANYWHERE! We have a few reasons as to why now, not later.
  • Making the move now is going to be much easier considering we only have one child, who is still incredibly young and will easily get acclimated to any environment he's in.
  • We will be closer to both of our families. The majority of my family in Indiana and the majority of Dennis' family in the suburbs.
  • Iowa City is wonderful, but who are we kidding. It's a college town. Taking Michael anywhere and having to wrestle the 17 year old in the bathroom for the handicap stall so I can change my sons diaper is getting old.
  • Our life has completely done a 180 in the last year, and our friends here are still on the other side of the circle. Although we love our friends, it seems that since we've had Michael they automatically assume that we are locked in our home because we have a child. Sure, when you call you are more than likely to get a no answer when asking us if we want to go out to FAC. But, I only wish people would remember that yes, we have a son, but Dennis and I are also very committed to our friendships. *This does not apply to every friend we have in the area.
  • The opportunities for Dennis' business are infinite in Chicago, and he's got a good jump on things because of family and friends.
  • Michael and I are kind of in a rut with our routine considering we have one vehicle at the moment. Our choices for recreational activity are kind of limited. Being close to the train and the city will open up the opportunities we have during the day while Den is working.
  • I'm lonely. Being a stay at home mom is lonely. Sure, Dennis works from home. However, when he's working he's working. There isn't a "let's all sit on the couch and chat while Daddy works" hour in our home. We'll be staying with Mike and Jane for a bit while we get a down payment together for a new home. Having an adult to chat with during the day will be nice. So nice.
  • Our friends (the ones who are willing to call even though we have a child) are in the city.
  • The damn drive back and forth is killing us, and our family friendly Versa. I'm so done making that drive.

I'm also incredibly sad about leaving Iowa City. I've been here for almost seven years. Seven years of the best and worst times of my life, but the good definitely out weigh the bad. I have made incredible friends here. I met Dennis here. Dennis has built a network here that simply cannot be replaced. Michael was born here. Breier Detail was born here. Iowa City itself is amazing and will always hold a special place in my liver. The University. I could go on and on. But, I'm ready. We're ready for a change. I want our boy to have every opportunity available to him, and I don't necessarily believe that could happen in Iowa City. So, Chicago... HERE WE COME!

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