Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Phew... Home Sweet Home.

Wow, we sure do know what the meaning of long weekend is in our house!!

We just got home from a five day trip to Chicago. A five day trip that consisted of just about anything you could possibly think of. What a good time. A good time.

Mikey got the coolest new toy from Gramma and Boompa... THE JUMPEROO. A.k.a. the most fascinating invention of all time. A must for any parent. His toes don't reach the floor yet, hence the box under his feet. He is just beside himself in it. Loves the rattling ball!!

Friday we celebrated Gramma Jane's (29th) birthday! Dinner at Papa Passero's always good. As you will see from the pics we ordered way too much food, however as usual it was all consumed after a night at the Breier bar.

Saturday we spent the day dress/tux fitting! My family came in and we had one big ol' slumber party at Mike and Jane's. Let's also announce that IOWA football has begun and the Hawks won the game (barely). We watched it over a little bit of beer (you'll see below). Oh, and my Dad got on a boat or something. Again, another good time!!

Sunday we spent the afternoon in Schererville celebrating my Grandfather's 75th birthday. GG Wojcik had her hands all over Mikey's cheeks!!

Monday was a day of rest, which meant waking up early to travel home on Tuesday!

Phew, I'm tired.

Happy (29th) Birthday, Jane/Mom/Gramma! We love you!! Enjoy the pics.

Mikey's new favorite toy!

Happy Birthday, Gramma!


Our ridiculous amount of food.

The crew and beer.

A little cake, too.

An IOWA family we are!!

Hannah Banana!!

The mothers of the bride and groom.

Our lunch time beverages.

Birthday girl first!!
A long day more MLB.

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