Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Bye, Illinois. Hello, Florida!!

Reason 2,436,747 I love my mother-in-law... Super Bowl Sunday she says to me, "Hey, so I got this crazy itch today and was looking at airfare rates to Florida.  Can you guys leave next Sunday?"  "What time is our flight?" was soon coming out of my mouth and what do ya know, but a week later we were in Florida.  Let me just note that I was scared to death to fly with two babies, especially a colicky six month old.  In fact, it was the only detail that would have kept us from going on the trip.  We downloaded a bunch of Michael's favorite cartoons on the iPad, poured rescue bottles for William and away we were.  The flights went so smooth, I loved hearing other passengers say they didn't even know there were babies onboard.  Phew... that went better than expected.  Anyways...  the beautiful Sandpiper Resort (The Tradewinds) was our home for a relaxing week on St. Pete's Beach.  We frolicked in the sand.  We danced in the Gulf of Mexico.  We gorged ourselves on delicious food.  We spent hours in hammocks on the beach.  We watched the crowd in the morning race to the beach for their morning strolls.  We watched unforgettable sunsets right outside our door.  We strolled for hours with a curious little boy by the name of Michael.  Those strolls would also be some of the best naps Will has ever taken.  We sun bathed for days on end at the pool.  We might have had a few cocktails with umbrellas in them.  We had many firsts for both boys.  It was glorious!  Michael loved his morning walks with Gramma.  William loved sitting in the cabana on the beach watching the world go by.  Daddy loved his authentic sea food.  Gramma loved her morning paper time OUTSIDE on our patio as opposed to inside watching the snow come down.  I loved running around in sun dresses and flip flops!!  The pictures say it all.  It was a wonderful trip.  And, now we are back home in Chicago where all of the snow has melted and hopefully spring is right around the corner (enter crossed fingers here)!  Thanks, Gramma, for making that trip possible!!

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