Monday, April 25, 2011

Here Comes (A Scary) Peter Cottontail...

What another fantastic (long) weekend!  Easter snuck right up on me this year.  I was able to get everything together just in time for our four day celebration which began with a dinner welcoming Laura Pup back into town.  We then spent Good Friday at Carriage Greens and had our fill of fish.  Saturday (the first day without rain in, oh, two weeks) we enjoyed the Darien Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt.  Don't mind the terrifying Easter Bunny they had at the event.  The boys didn't cry, but I wanted to (enter shivers down my spine).  We also spent some time at Uncle Chris and AJ's celebrating Hannah Banana's birthday.  The weekend ended with Easter Sunday at Gramma and Boompa's after The Bunny visited our house and we spent some time coloring eggs.  Den spent the morning trying to explain to Michael that he couldn't drop the eggs into the dye cups because they would crack.  So, instead Michael gently plopped them into the dye, and whined sat patiently while his eggs were coloring.  The Easter Bunny was very generous to the boys this year.  William's basket was stuffed with teethers, Hip(po)- his new snuggle buddy, books and toys.  Michael was shocked to come down the stairs to find The Bunny had left him a gigantic, two-story car track- which he instantly fell in love with (thank you Nana Lin and Papa).  He also was a fan of the M&M filled eggs and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but moving on (yes, he had chocolate before breakfast).  He also received books and other items that he barely paid any attention to.  Then we were off to Gramma and Boompa's house for Sunday dinner where the boys were greeted with yet more Easter treats.  Michael's top pick... a golf set!!  He's obsessed.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this holiday so special for the boys.

I'm going to need to today off in order to recover from the jam packed weekend.  BTW- the forecast for this week... RAIN!  Can't wait to see my May flowers.

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