Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring? Is That You?

Finally, a day that resembles spring.  Den was excited to get the lawnmower out- this is a man obsessed with his lawn.  As you can see...  this obsession must be genetic.  Michael loved following him around with a mower built just for him.  William took in the warm breeze thanks to his big brother.  Michael chauffered him around the yard until his arms almost fell off (Will’s a big boy)!  I did some much needed gardening, put some summer bulbs in the ground and took in the sight of my tulips singing in the sunshine.  I love tulips- I have 65 or so coming up.  I also painted my new favorite find, a mirror that will hang over our fireplace dated 1954 and is FABULOUS!! 
Pics of this new masterpiece coming soon.  
It was a wonderful afternoon.

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