Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm 4 Months Old (Exclusively from MLB)!!

Hello Baby Breier Followers,

It's me, MLB. Just checkin' in again with my loyal readers. I'll have you know that I'm four months old now! This only means that I'm bigger and better than the last time you heard from me. What's new with me you ask... well, let me tell ya!
  • I can almost roll over. That's right. I just can't figure out how to get my right arm out from under my one ton body.
  • I eat three meals a day and maybe a snack bottle in between. Cereal in the morning (followed by a bottle). Some form of smooshed fruit and a bottle for lunch (followed by a long nap). Dinner is a little combination of the three- fruit, cereal, bottle. Mmmmm, good.
  • I'm still sleeping for 12 hours a night! Take three naps during the day. The doctor says I need my rest considering I'm a growing boy.
  • I'm getting in two teeth. They are really tiny yet, but they are definitely there!
  • I LAUGH... not giggle... BIG BELLY LAUGHS! Daddy's my favorite to laugh at/with.
  • If you smile at me, I will smile at you :)
  • I can give high fives. Mommy thinks it's because I know what a high five is. The truth... I just want to hit that thing in my face.
  • I love my teething rings! The cold feels so good on my tongue. Mommy calls them my popsicles.
  • Jumperoo = still my favorite toy. Although, my rings are a close second.
  • I reach, grab, pull, push, swing, jump and almost roll. I'm a little sad the Olympics won't make it to Chicago. I think I might have been participating at the rate I'm going.
  • I poop every two days. Sorry if that's too much information, but it pleases Mommy so I wanted to share.
  • My Bumbo is helping me get strong posterior muscle strength says Dr. James!
  • Still in a size three diaper.
  • 18 lbs. 27 in. Can anyone say 95%!!
  • I made my first trip to a pumpkin patch. I may have slept through most of it, but I thoroughly enjoyed what I did see.
  • I've had the chance to meet a few new people on both sides of the family! Loved all of you!
  • I love to talk (and boodle as Boompa calls it).
  • I've developed this high pitched scream, which I find amusing. Daddy does not.
  • Love, love, love chewing on my lovies (favorite blankets).
  • Still love being naked more than anything.
  • I wear size 12 month-18 month clothing. Again, 95%.

I think that may be all for the moment. Mommy, Daddy and I are all really excited for our big move that is happening next week. Next time you hear from me I will be coming to you from the great state of ILLINOIS! Iowa has been lovely, but I'm excited to be in a place that both Mommy and Daddy love. Catch ya on the flip side!!

From my crib to yours,


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