Friday, October 2, 2009

Not Exactly His Kodak Moment.

I'm sure you've heard me talk about my favorite photographer in the entire world... Nancy Barker of NMB Photography! Let' just say she's done it again!! Michael was due to have his three month photos taken. So, Thursday Dennis and I traveled to Freeport, IL where Nancy resides to have her shoot our Schoogies! Nancy, just a quick reminder, is the grandmother of two of my favorite tots ever, Kelby and Erin Anderson! She has a glowing personality and works miracles. With that being said, she had to work a miracle on this one. Michael was wonderful for the first fifteen minutes of the shoot, with the exception of the fact that he wouldn't smile. He was too occupied with the flashing lights and the three people in his face trying to persuade him to grin. After two outfit changes it was time to toss Mikey into his Halloween costume. The picture speaks for itself. He wasn't a happy camper. Nancy was so sweet considering there was a screaming baby, an aggrevated father who hates seeing his boy upset and a mom who wants nothing more than a great pic. We'll try again in December and see if Michael is up to another session with Nancy! WE <3 NmB Photography!!

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