Thursday, December 17, 2009

We Heart Nancy!!

As many of you know I am a fan of photographs. My favorite photographs ever happen to be the beautiful work of Nancy Barker, the grandmother of Kelby and Erin Anderson (two tots I used to babysit when at IOWA and now are a part of my extended family). I'm sure you have heard me rave about her in the past. Well, here comes another round. Let me just start off by saying that Nancy lives in Freeport, IL, two hours away from us and that trip is the most exciting two hour drive ever. I get all giggley just thinking about what she might capture on her camera. We are lucky enough not to just know Nancy as a photographer but a wonderful friend with the warmest personality. She spent over an hour with Michael capturing the spirit of our sweet baby boy. She then took the time to edit a slideshow for us and set it to music. This gallery brought me to tears. Really. Lots of tears. I could sit and watch it play over and over and over again! She captured his bubbley, devilish personality in her still frames I only wish I was able to capture with my cheap Kodak camera. Enough with my blabbering you can see for yourself. If you would like you can visit Nancy's blog at or catch her on Facebook.

Just a short preview...
(All photos are property of NmB Photography.)

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