Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Our Super Squirmy 9 Month-Old...

Our sweet Michael,

You light up our life, do you know that?!  Your smile is a permanent fixture on that cute chubby face of yours.  You often clap for yourself when you discover you can do something new.  A proud tot you are.  You are eager to master a new skill, maybe even a little impatient.  You make us laugh until our bellies hurt.  You also wear us out.  You can't sit still.  You have an eagerness about you that cannot be matched.  You make our day!!  Until you came along time moved at the pace of a snail.  Now, I can't seem to keep what day it is straight.  I want to wrap you up just as you are and freeze time.  I know this is not possible.  So, we wake up every morning knowing that today is so incredibly special for our family.  You have been here so brief a time, but you seem to make each day brighter without knowing you have done so.  You are just going about your business, playing and giggling your way through a day.  We love you with all that we have and couldn't be prouder of our sweet baby boy.  Here we are just three months from celebrating your first birthday.  Where did the year go?  We sure are excited to see what the next few months have in store for us.  I'm sure there will laughter involved :)

Here's to 9 months of being thankful for you.


Mommy and Daddy

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