Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm 9 Months Old!! (Exclusively from MLB)

3/4 of a year down.  1/4 to go!!  Hello month nine!!

Where do I begin?  It's hard to believe that I could come across anything new and exciting to tell you, but oh, there is just so much to share.

  • I just had my 9 month appointment with Dr. Matray.  I weight 23 lbs. 14 oz. (90th percentile) and am 31 inches long (97th percentile).  Still huge and still super healthy!!  I wear 2T in clothes and still a size 4 diaper.
  • I've slimmed down a little bit.  That may have something to do with the fact that I now crawl (started Feb. 28th), pull myself up on anything sturdy (Mommy discovered this one morning when she came in to get me) and can side step in my Pack 'n' Play.  Yeah for being mobile!
  • I can imitate just about anything you do.  Clicking, clapping, any noise pretty much.  
  • I have had lots of firsts in month.  First plane ride.  First vacation.  First lazy river and swimming pool  adventure.  First shiner (I did it to myself, go figure).  First baseball game, just to name a few).
  • I've been trying all kinds of new foods.  My favorite... macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.  Bananas are right up there on the list, too.
  • I have three teeth.  Two on the bottom and one that just poked through on the top.  We haven't named the big one on top yet.  Mommy said we have to see him before we can name him.
  • I hate to be sitting.  Standing is my favorite position and can do it hours on end. 
  • I take showers now... with my Daddy.  We call it "Shower Time with Daddy".  A blast.  
  • I realized while we were in Arizona that I'd rather be outside than inside.  Walks and fresh air are my buddies.  
  • Sandboxes are a ton of fun.  Have you ever been in one?  That stuff can go anywhere and everywhere.  Whoooaaaa for sand.  
  • I love the way grass feels on my knees.  It kind of tickles.
  • Speaking of tickling... My feet and my back are extremely ticklish.  I can sit still if you touch them.
  • I never cry.  Well, ok, maybe like one time a day but only for a second to get your attention.  I am a happy, happy camper which makes Mommy and Daddy so proud. 
  • I can entertain myself for long periods of time and I never get bored.  I've discovered a few new games.  I hide balls in cups and drop things just to pick them up over and over again.  
  • I can feed myself with my fingers and drink from a sippy cup.  I'm a big boy now.
  • I can sing and dance to music.  Beyonce and Lady Gaga have got some rockin' tunes.
  • If you hold my hands and stand behind me a can take steps.  Little ones, but I take them.  My next big milestone is walking.  I am already trying to stand up without holding onto anything.  A little bit more practice and I think I'll get it.
  • I love playing catch with Daddy, and we wrestle, too.  I often win.  I think maybe he's letting that happen.
  • I can move an object really fast back and forth between my hands.  Not sure if I like my right hand or my left one better quite yet.  
  • I'm going to be taking my first Gymboree class this week.  I am so excited to make some new friends.  I have a few friends from church, but they're girls.  Yuck.
  • I greet Mommy every morning standing in my crib with a smile on my face and I give her a kiss.  We like the mornings.
  • I still sleep from 7 PM to 7 AM.  A boy needs his rest.
  • I've started to get attached to stuffed animals and a blanket.  We'll see if it sticks.
  • I'm going to be ONE in three months!!  Bring on the party!!
  • I really, really like puppy dogs.  I've had the chance to meet a few and at first they are a little scared of me, but they come around after a while.  I like the way their fur tickles my hand.  
  • I can't wait for SPRING to be here.  Any day now.
  • Did I mention I'll be ONE in three months?!
Phew, that's a long list.  I'll let you know if I have anything else to add to it.  I'll be in touch again in one month.  Until then, may your diapers be dry and your bottles be full!


Michael Lincoln

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