Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beanie Baby Bath.

What a wonderfully busy day we had!!  Michael is sleeping soundly as I post this and I don't expect him to wake-up for three days after all of the physical activity today had in store for him.  We started the day with our weekly Gymboree class (pics and video in previous post), and then spent the late afternoon/early evening at Ty Warner Park in Westmont.  Michael had purchased his Daddy and Boompa Sox tickets for Father's Day, so the boys were downtown all evening leaving us ladies to entertain ourselves.  What better to do then play in a few fountains, enjoy a burrito for dinner and top it off with Dairy Queen?  

Let's just say that Ty Warner Park might just be my favorite new destination here in the suburbs.  Mr. Warner (yes, the Beanie Baby guy) built a beautiful facility loaded with picnic areas, playgrounds, amazing landscape, a splash pad, ball diamonds, and walking paths tucked away in the middle of Westmont.  Michael just loved our time there!!  The splash pad was exactly what Michael needed.  He could crawl around at his leisure and still enjoy some water time.  Let me just say this, if anyone is looking for an inexpensive (FREE for us because Michael isn't walking on his own yet and they don't charge for adults) way to blow an afternoon this destination is for you!!  Lounge chairs for adults and acres of land for kiddos to roam.  It was a steamy day so I am happy that we waited until after Mikey's nap to go, not to mention there were only a handful of kids there.  I was told by a regular that the mornings are a zoo, which I suppose makes a ton of sense.  

We spent an hour getting drenched by the fountains (and the pesky four year old manning the squirt gun) and soaking up the sun.  A quick Chipotle dinner and off to DQ we went for a sweet treat.  Needless to say Michael was sleeping soundly at 7:02 and hasn't moved from his original sleeping position.  What a great day!!

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