Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Last Nancy Visit!!

I know I keep repeating myself when I say I can't believe it's been a year.  Today made it even more realistic.  For the last year we've made the trip to Freeport every three months to spend an hour or two with our favorite photographer, Nancy Barker.  Nancy has been so patient with us through teething and tantrums and costume changes that I couldn't possibly say too many wonderful things about her.  Michael has been a trooper, too, through all of these trips to Freeport may I add.  I know it may sound a little nuts to pack up your kid for a four hour round trip car ride for a few pictures, but may I intervene here for a second.  I have known Nancy for six years now.  I was first introduced to her through her daughter who I happened to nanny for while I was in college.  Long before I even dreamed of having children I was a fan of Nancy's work.  New photos would pop up in Dawn and Lars' home that would literally take my breath away, great candid shots of Kelby and Erin.  So, of course when I had Michael it only felt natural to me that I would take my little boy to be photographed by the woman whose work I had admired for so long.  I must tell you that she has captured Michael in a way that I with my little Nikon could not.  I am so grateful for her and all of her hard work.  There is so much that goes into putting something together for a client, and I know that she has spent many hours with images of my son dancing in her brain.  Today we had six (or seven) different outfit changes and to top it all off Nancy surprised Michael with a special smash cake to celebrate his birthday- I can't wait to see those pics.  She has managed to bring me to tears every three months with the slideshow she puts together for us after each session, and I am sure that this last one will not disappoint.  Nancy, we love you so much and couldn't be happier with our year long endeavor.  I appreciate absolutely everything you have done to capture Michael's first year.  I can't believe it's over... well, at least until William gets here.  :)

Michael's first session with Nancy...

and, his last.

(All images in this post belong to NmB Photography.)

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