Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dr. Updates: Will @ 29 Weeks and Michael at One Year

Time sure is flying.  I can't believe that we're only 11 weeks away from meeting William and that we just celebrated Michael's first year.  No words can describe what's running through my head.  Both Michael and I had big doctors appointments this week.

William's 29 week check-up ran smoothly as usual.  I've gained 19 pounds and am right on track with what I had gained with Michael.  At our last appointment this little nugget was measuring in three weeks ahead, but luckily this week we came in at 30 cm, only one week ahead!  Phew.  Thought I was going to give birth to a twelve pound baby or something.  His heart rate was perfectly in the 160s and loud!!  He is super healthy, as am I.  Only 11 weeks to go!!  I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by.  I owe that to Michael.  I've said this before, but he really hasn't given me the opportunity to feel pregnant.  Just this last week have I reached the point where bending down has become a bit of a challenge.  Michael is enjoying his brother (The Bump as I lovingly call Will) as his resting spot in the evening.  Michael has started to climb into my lap and lay his head on my belly.  I think it may have something to do with the fact that lifting Michael all the way up to my shoulder grows harder by the day.  He's taking what he can get.  Note:  In the last week I've had 8, YES 8 individuals comment on either how many babies I'm actually carrying or how it looks like I can pop any day now.  One of these people... MY OBGYN!  Yep.  Enough said.

Michael's one year appointment was today with Dr. Matray (we call him D-Mat in our house).  Let me start this little paragraph with my horror of the day.  As I usually do I let Michael roam about our room as I was getting dressed this morning for our big day.  We had our appointment with D-Mat first thing and then we were heading off to Freeport for Michael's one year photo session with Nancy.  Just as we were about to walk out the door this morning Dennis exclaimed, " Where did Michael get his big scratch?"  Clearly confused because Michael seemed occupied with his Mega Blocks for the whole 17 minutes I got ready in I peeked my head out of our bathroom door to notice a GIGANTIC scratch down Michael's left arm.  How he got it I have absolutely no idea because the kid never cried or made any sort of a sound that would cause me to think he had injured himself.  I was shocked and felt awful that this had happened on my watch and clearly DID NOT HAVE AN EXPLANATION!!  Not to mention, we were off to the pediatrician and a photo shoot.  GREAT!  It was a blast telling both D-Mat and Nancy about it (enter heavy sarcasm here).

Back to Michael's appointment... Michael passed with flying colors as usual.  He's 32 1/2 inches tall (97th percentile) and just over 26 pounds (90th percentile) with the personality of a five year-old.  Dr. Matray had to have made a reference to his size at least six times.  "What big hands you  have there big guy."  "Wow, Michael, look at the size of your feet!"  We only had one concern when we met D-Mat for this appointment.  For the last two months or so Michael has been gagging himself with his fingers after he eats, to the point where on three occasions he's thrown up his meal.  Here I am thinking my son has baby bulimia, not funny whatsoever.  Of course, when he first started doing this I assumed he was just trying to get our attention.  Then he made himself throw up once and I kind of freaked out a little bit.  Dr. Matray assures me that he is fine, and in fact he has seen this before.  He says it's just something he's doing to get a rise out of us, and that we should continue doing what we're doing.  Tell him NO and redirect his attention to something else.  I hope this helps.  I can't see another Cheerio be regurgitated or I will be the one throwing up.

Michael also received two vaccinations, a TB test and a stick for a hematocrit.  Let's just say we have one courageous tot.  No tears during the finger stick or TB test and only a few tears during the vaccinations.  Dennis and I couldn't believe it.  I don't mind shots, but Dennis was in the corner turning green just watching Michael get poked.

That post was much longer than I had anticipated.  All good news on this Breier front.  We love good doctors appointments!!

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