Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas ::2010::

Christmas morning started with a present from the boys... they slept in until 9 AM!!  I was eternally grateful since I didn't go to bed until 4 AM.  We quickly changed diapers and sprinted downstairs for the boys to open presents from Santa.  Michael was in love with the entire experience.  He loved unwrapping presents, pushing buttons on his new gadgets and the endless hours of entertainment that boxes could provide.  William just enjoyed snuggling and watching his brother open all of his presents for him.  Then the rest of the clan came over- in their PJs of course- for food, games, a few drinks and more gifts.  The boys lucked out this year.  The list is too long to name everything they received.  You can catch a glimpse in the photos.

Another amazing holiday come and gone.  Now, to clean up!  Thank you to everyone who made this holiday special for Michael and William.  We love you very much!!

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