Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Make the Proper Snowball:: 101

I've been waiting for this day since our first snowfall.  The perfect mix- weather warm enough that Michael won't get frost bit in the cold, weather warm enough that Dennis and I can handle being outside for more than two minutes, and weather warm enough that Michael could learn how to make a snowball.  Today was the day.  We wrapped up our boys and headed out to a couple of different locations.  The first... a little scary.  Big kids sledding + my baby boy trying to sled for his second time ever = one anxious mother (enter ME).  So, we took off from the "I don't think we should be here" hill to our staple, Mark Delay Elementary school where there wasn't another sledder in sight and Michael had free range of the place.  Daddy fell two times while trying to load himself onto the sled.  Michael LOVED every second of rushing down the hills and bailing with his dad so they didn't hit a snow bank.  And, Michael learned how to make (and throw) a snowball.  It was priceless.  High pitched squeals every time he threw one and it landed in the direction of Den.  What a fantastic experience.  I tell you, my son is a boy meant to be outside.  We are anxiously awaiting spring!!

Alright, let's get this show on the road...

It's a lot further down than it looks.

Set to GO!

Let's go again, Dad!!

Snowball #1

Where's my Dad??

Snowball #2

Chasing after Dennis.

Making another one.

Daddy getting in some big guys sledding time.

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