Friday, January 14, 2011

Auntie Meg and Uncle Mike Move.

My sister Megan and her husband Mike were on their way to New York today, PERMANENTLY!!  I never imagined it would be my sister Megan moving states away, but she has and how excited I am for her.  Meg and Mike stopped by on their way out east today.  It was a wonderful visit.  William and Michael really enjoyed the attention (and gifts) from Megan and Mike.  I got a little gift, too... the chance to play with their baby yellow lab, Holly.  What a doll!!  Michael took a liking to her, I think only because she doesn't cry like William.  Now, we are asking Daddy every day what the timeline looks like for us to get one of our own.  Trust me, it will be some time before we get a dog, but having her in the house gave me the itch.  And then suddenly, I was snapped back to reality when William's diaper exploded and Michael was crying because he didn't have anymore red Goldfish crackers left in his snack bowl.  Megan and Mike, we will miss you and wish you nothing but the best on your newest adventure!!



And, the only moment I cried during this farewell...


Doesn't that just melt your heart?!

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