Monday, June 13, 2011

Sun and Sand.

We were so excited that summer finally decided to show up because that means we have the chance to play at Ty Warner Park again.  I know I've mentioned this magical place before, but in case you missed it... Ty Warner Park.  If you live in the suburbs it is worth packing your tot(s) up and making the trip to Westmont.  Today, we enjoyed the sandbox.  How else could you waste away those four hours between nap and dinner/bedtime?  Let me count the ways... splash pad, walking paths, baseball fields, playground galore.  Ponds, water fountains, lakes oh-my!  You can't go wrong.

Usually parks with so many tot attractions are not maintained very well, but this one manicured to the nines.  I love this park, and I think the boys do, too...

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