Saturday, June 11, 2011


Michael woke me up this morning by tickling my nose.  I opened my eyes to see this giggling two year-old boy.  When did he turn two?  Where have the last twenty four months gone?  We were so excited to celebrate this little boy!

We had a lazy morning as we ate Michael's favorite breakfast (pancakes), played with Michael's new favorite toy (swing installed by Boompa) and ran about the backyard as though we were all turning two.

Our afternoon continued with having a small group of guests over as we bbq'd to celebrate Michael's second year. Although Mother Nature didn't exactly cooperate with us for this event we still enjoyed our afternoon outside watching Michael run around, laugh with his brother and best buddy, Kody, make wishes, blow out two candles and dig into some cake.  It was splendid!


Thank you to everyone who took time out of their Saturday afternoon to join us.  We love each of you and I'm sure Michael appreciated you being there in honor of his two fantastic years!!

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