Sunday, December 18, 2011

29 Years!

Today I turned 29.  A number that would bother some, well most actually.  For me I had this moment where I was sad it wasn't 30.  My early to mid twenties were such a crazy time in my life, then I met Dennis and we had the boys.  Since our life together is everything I have dreamed of.  Life just keeps getting better believe it or not.  So, I'm very much looking forward to my 30s.

To celebrate 29 Den and I went on a (long overdue) date on Friday night- we were in bed by 9:30.  We are getting old.  It was a wonderful night, something we don't do very often so I am so grateful when it does happen.  Gramma and Boompa took the boys overnight, which also meant we could sleep past 6:00.  We actually slept until 10:00 on Saturday.  I was confused when I woke up and looked at the clock, and then simply smiled and snuggled up to Dennis knowing I didn't have to get up.  Sunday morning I went to mass with my father-in-law, came home to watch the Bears lose (again) and then we were off to the Holiday Lights Display at Brookfield Zoo with the boys, the in-laws and Auntie Pup who is home from school.  The weather cooperated very well, no snow on the ground and a balmy 35°.  The boys stayed warm under a blanket while we trekked through the zoo gazing at the wonderful displays.  Afterwards we went out for dinner and then came home to my favorite cake with some of my favorite people.  It truly was a wonderful day!  I'm one lucky 29 year-old.

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