Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tree Hunting

*Tree Hunting*

It happens to be one of my favorite days of each year, the day we find that particular year’s Christmas tree.  Boompa joined us this year to help haul our find to the top of Den’s car since I had two rugrats to watch at the tree farm this year.  Michael loves tree hunting.  He gets out there and examines each tree he comes across by smelling it- really, it’s adorable.  William was not such a fan of it this year.  Maybe next year the two of them will run around together and pick the tree instead of Dennis and I disagreeing about which one we’ll be taking home.  I like for there to be snow on the ground for tree hunting, but for whatever reason here we are almost mid-December and still no know.  Just a dusting two days ago.  Ugh, bummer.  The boys love the snow.  Time to hunt...
This year was an easy one.  In fact Dennis and Boompa picked it out before I even parked the car.  There she was, two rows deep in an area abandoned by other hunters because they were too busy googling over the new section of the farm that had just opened.  With a couple swipes of the saw she was down and our her way to our house.  Our best tree yet!  

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