Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bri Day!

Bri Day

Dennis and I are very fortunate to have such amazing friends.  Today, I had the chance to spend some time with one of my personal favorites, Miss Brianna North, as we celebrated her bridal shower.
Bri is the fiancée of Dennis’ best buddy from college and since meeting Dennis I have become a huge fan of Briness.  Bri and Jay are tying the knot at the beginning of June, and they have asked both Dennis and I to participate in their big day.  We couldn’t be more excited for these two- for if you have ever met them it’s safe to say they compliment each other better than any other couple you’ve met.  Really, they are pretty stinkin‘ perfect for one another.  
Back to the shower.  Bri’s lovely mom, Mrs. North, her maid of honor, Dawn, and another bridesmaid, Ali, hosted a shower for Bri at her childhood home.  Let’s just back up the truck for a second and let me tell you that I AM IN LOVE WITH THE NORTH HOME!  Picture antique windows, vintage furniture, and original artwork by Mrs. North dancing about every wall.  I secretly wanted to lift a couple of pieces and take them home with me but found it inappropriate behavior at a bridal shower.  My favorite part about this home is that every corner you turn you can see the love between Bri, her brother and her parents.  Pictures of the four of them decorating this beautiful home just made me realize that I have only known Bri for a short five years, and in that short amount of time I have grown to love Bri because she is simply amazing.  I can’t imagine the relationship she has with the people who have known her her entire life.  It's evident walking from room to room that they love their daughter beyond words.  I think it's pretty special.  With that being said, Jay is one helluva lucky guy.

The Beautiful Bride
Mr. North enjoying the company.
Bridal Shower Bingo
The Bride and her MOH
Kerry and Julie

The Bridal Party
Bri and her lovely hostesses

If it isn't obvious I am very much looking forward to the celebration in June.  One month to go, Briness!!  One month to go.

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