Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eight Centimeters To Go...

Went to the doc on Friday for our 36 week appointment.  As she was checking me out we discovered that I am dilated two centimeters and slowly but surely making our way to meeting our little man.  My belly is still measuring in two weeks ahead of schedule (38 cm) as is the little peanut.  The doc says we've got about a week or so by her calculations.  I haven't had any contractions (at least I wouldn't call them contractions) or serious signs of labor, just some cramping which I'm sure is me dilating.  And, this is the great part, I only gained a half pound.  Whooaa!!  The only goal I have at this moment is to make it through the baby shower.  Then, this little guy can surprise us whenever he pleases.  Oh, and my feet have decided to blow up to the point where I don't recognize them anymore.  I'm suddenly reminded of how much I loved icing my ankles after ball games, the relief is unbelievable!!  Now... a weekend surrounded by our wonderful families and friends.  Baby shower on Sunday!!

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