Friday, May 29, 2009

I Heart Land of Nod!!

As I mentioned in the baby shower post Dennis' parents and my parents were so incredibly generous and blessed us with our little boy's nursery furniture!  We fell in love with the sleigh crib and dresser from the Land of Nod a few months ago, and now I can't believe it is actually in my house.  Jane hauled both pieces out to Iowa on Tuesday, and by Wednesday morning Michael's room was my favorite spot in the house.  First of all, let me preface this with LAND OF NOD YOU ARE PHENOMENAL!  While ordering the furniture there were a few hiccups because we live out in the middle of nowhere.  Land of Nod's customer service department went out of their way to make sure we received our furniture on time with a few perks.  Needless to say, our relationship was wonderful from the start.  Our dresser came assembled, and also serves as our changing table.  The crib, however, needed to be assembled... enter Dennis.  Now, we all know that Dennis gets a little frustrated when he has to follow written instructions.  So, I was expecting this to take a little bit of time.  Ummm... 25 minutes!  25 minutes from start to finish.  We woke up early to assemble the crib before our appointment on Wednesday, and I was shocked at the ease it took.  Eight screws and four bolts later Michael has a place to lay his little (or not so little from the ultrasound) head!!  I am  so impressed with the simple, easy to follow instructions, the quality of both pieces of furniture and most of all incredibly grateful that assembly went so smoothly.  Way to be, Land of Nod!  THANK YOU MOM, DAD, JANE AND MIKE for the most amazing gift!!  

After our doctor's appointment Den and I spent a little bit of time adding some details to the nursery.  By the way, BabyGap Home is a wonderful, wonderful find!  The new rage in home decor are the "wall stickers" that require no glue, painting or hassle.  When we found the bedding for MLB we also came across a set of "wall stickers" that matched his set.  Because we are renting for one more year, and painting is such a pain in the a** we went the sticker route!  I'm in love.  I'm in love with all of it!!  Maybe the best purchase we've made yet.  You should check it out...

Crib from Land of Nod and wall stickers from BabyGap Home!!

We are only a few details away from his room being complete.  More pictures coming soon!!

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