Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Want to be a Mom Who...

... loves her children unconditionally.  For the good, and for the bad.
... shows her children just how much she loves their father and that our relationship is a priority.
... disciplines out of love, not anger.
... makes time for my family.
... apologizes when I do something wrong.
... keeps promises, as little or as big as they may be.
... is honest and genuine in my answers to questions.
... makes  a home where our children feel safe and comfortable.
... says "yes" more than "no".
... praises our children for being just who they are.
... proves to our kids they can come to us about ANYTHING!
... thinks through my reactions before over reacting.
... thanks her husband every day for giving our family all that he has!


1 comment:

yoder22 said...

You will br a great mom because you are all these things.....and more!!