Monday, October 11, 2010

A Plethora of Pumpkins.

What a wonderful, beautiful weekend.  The weather has been perfect.  The company a delight.  The adventures plentiful.  Today, we celebrated Columbus Day with a little pumpkin pickin' in Homer Glen.  Bengston's Punkin Farm is, how do I say this, one interesting place.  Millions of pumpkins decorate 170 acres of spooks, tricks and treats.  Really, I only wish that I had a couple of hours to explore the place myself without the boys so I could take in all things ghoulish.  Gramma Jane and The Pup joined us for the trip, which I was grateful for because man was it crowded.  I think I easily could have lost Michael in the sea of three foot children roaming the grounds on their sugar highs.  

It was wonderful to get out of my almost box free home and get some fresh (hot) air.  Thank you Pup for occupying Michael so much.  He'll miss you when you're gone.  What a fun adventure this one was!!

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