Tuesday, November 9, 2010

68* November Days.

We've taken a walk every night this week.  Who would have thought that the temp would still be in the 60s after 4:00??  Lucky us!  We have a park a few blocks away and it has become Michael's favorite hangout spot.  He gets excited to see other kids running about, and often shadows them around the playground.  He has mastered the jungle gym and is quick to let you know when it is time to swing.  Thank goodness for this nice weather.  I am dreading the winter.  My list of events/indoor activities isn't nearly long enough to keep the super energetic Michael content for three/four long months.  For now, we keep praying for BEAUTIFUL November weather.

Waiting patiently to be big enough to play with his brother.

The house across the street from the park.  A beauty.

In his domain.

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